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Pursuivant, Judge Keith Hilary. Judge Keith Hilary Pursuivant was created by “Gans T. Field,” the pseudonym of Manly Wade Wellman (Hok, Sgt. Jaeger, Patch Merrick, Sojarr, Jack Stillwell), and appeared in four stories from 1938 to 1941, beginning with "The Hairy Ones Shall Dance" (Weird Tales, Jan. 1938).

Judge Keith Hilary Pursuivant is a veteran of World War One, in which he served as a member of the American Military Intelligence. Pursuivant is also a lawyer, scholar, epicure, and retired judge. But the skills he is most often called upon to exercise are those of the Occult Detective. Pursuivant is a large man, strong but surprisingly quick on his feet. He is also very bright, being not just educated but intelligent and insightful. Although he has a genial manner, he has little mercy for the evil brutes he fights.

His greatest weapon against his enemies, besides his mind, is his silver-bladed sword cane. The cane is said to have been one of several forged by St. Dunstan, the patron saint of silversmiths and a noted enemy of the Devil. On the sword is inscribed the prayer from the Book of Judges: Sic pereant omnes inimici tui, Domine ("Thus perish all of your enemies, O Lord"). Pursuivant lives in a secluded West Virginia home.

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