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Kirby, Killer. Killer Kirby was created by Donald Keyhoe (Devildogs, Richard Knight, Monty Prince, Philip Strange, Dr. Yen Sin) and appeared in eleven stories in Battle Aces, Battle Birds, Dare-Devil Aces from 1931 to 1934, beginning with “The Jailbird Flight” (Battle Aces, Sept. 1931).

Bruce “Killer” Kirby is an American aviator during World War One who leads a flight of convicts–the “Jailbird Flight,” a.k.a. the “Brood”–against the Germans. They fly captured German planes and have a hidden Drome (airstrip) in the Forêt de Abrecourt. Kirby has blue eyes, blond hair, and one hand is branded with a tattoo of three arrows. Some of his stories verge on the fantastic, as when he confronts a German “death wheel,” a bomb which shoots flame in all directions.

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