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Yen Sin, Doctor. Doctor Yen Sin was created by Donald Keyhoe (Devildogs, Killer Kirby, Richard Knight, Monty Prince, Philip Strange) and appeared in three stories in Doctor Yen Sin in 1936, beginning with “The Mystery of the Dragon’s Shadow” (Doctor Yen Sin #1, May 1936).

Doctor Yen Sin is a Yellow Peril heavily modeled on Fu Manchu (I). Yen Sin, “the Crime Emperor,” “the Invisible Peril,” is based in Washington, D.C. and works to bring about a war between Japan and the United States so that he can rise to power afterwards from the ruins of both countries. Toward this end he makes use of Burmese Dacoits, blowgun-wielding assassins, torture chambers, mummies, and Shi-muh “Tibetan corpse-flowers” (poisonous puff-balls). Yen, whose symbol is the cobra, is reluctantly helped by Sonia Damitri, a beautiful young Greek woman whose father is held prisoner by Yen. Damitri hates Yen and helps his enemies whenever she can.

Yen is opposed by Michael Traile, "the Man Who Never Slept." As a teenager Traile had been the victim of a bad brain operation by a sloppy Hindu surgeon. The surgeon had damaged Traile's mind so that he could no longer sleep. But Traile had been taught by a yogi to relax his body completely, even though his mind was awake, so that he would be rested, even without sleeping. Without the rest, Traile would be horribly weak. Traile makes use of the extra hours of the night to train himself, not just in detection but in the use of exotic weapons, foreign languages, and anything else that might provide him with challenges. Traile is assisted in his war against Yen Sin by Eric Gordon, an agent for the Justice Department.

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