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Strange, Philip. Philip Strange was created by Donald Keyhoe (Devildogs, Killer Kirby, Richard Knight, Monty Prince, Dr. Yen Sin) and appeared in sixty-five stories in Flying Aces from 1931 to 1939, beginning with “A Squadron Will Perish” (Flying Aces, Aug. 1931).

Philip Strange is a Superhuman. Strange is the “phantom ace of G.2.,” an agent of American military intelligence. During World War One he fights against the Germans, specifically targeting their Mad Scientists and Evil Surgeons, killing them on the ground and in the skies. Strange is aided in this by his mental powers, for which he gained the nickname “the Brain Devil.” Strange has E.S.P., clairvoyance, and various other mental powers which he can call upon as the plot requires it. Strange had been a child prodigy and is very intelligent. He is self-educated in a wide range of areas and is capable of ventriloquism, hypnotism, sleight-of-hand, and other magic tricks, as he had been a stage performer. He is also a master of disguise which he uses to assume other personalities, including “Tex Kane, the flying cowboy,” and “Colonel Smythe, British Brass Hat.”

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