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Knight, Richard. Richard Knight was created by Donald Keyhoe (Devildogs, Killer Kirby, Monty Prince, Philip Strange, Dr. Yen Sin) and appeared in thirty-four stories in Flying Aces from 1936 to 1942, beginning with “Vultures of Lost Valley” (Flying Aces, Nov. 1936).

Richard Knight is a Superhuman. He is a pilot, and during World War One he was blinded while fighting the Germans. He later gained the power to see at night and became a spy for the government: Secret Agent “Q,” at different times working for Navy Intelligence, Army Intelligence, the Foreign Service Division of the State Department, and the Department of Justice. Knight uses his night-sight ability to fight evil around the world, from China (where he fights Yellow Peril Japanese spies) to America (where he takes on much more prosaic gangsters). Some of his stories verge on the fantastic, as when he encounters Lost Races and fights dinosaurs.

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