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Gallopin’ Kid. The Gallopin’ Kid was created by “Range Rider,” the pseudonym of Christopher B. Booth (Jim Bliss, Amos Clackworthy, Jimmy Price, Maxwell Sanderson), and appeared in thirteen stories in Western Story Magazine from 1921 to 1928, beginning with “The Gallopin’ Kid” (Western Story Magazine, Aug. 20, 1921).

The Gallopin’ Kid is McKinley Baxter, a cowboy who works for the Circle X Ranch and for Colonel Pike, the Ranch’s owner, in the modern era. He is known as “The Kid” from “Dog Head Creek to the Rio Grande.” He is exuberant, with a “radiant, courageous” smile, and is always galloping somewhere in a hurry. Trouble seems to find him, and he is more than capable of dealing with it, but he will help outlaws if he thinks they mean well. He rides the wiry piebald Blazes.

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