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Clackworthy, Amos. Amos Clackworthy was created by Christopher B. Booth (Jim Bliss, Gallopin’ Kid, Jimmy Price, Maxwell Sanderson) and appeared in sixty-five stories in Detective Story Magazine and Best Detective and two short story collections from 1920 to 1937, possibly beginning with “The Feminine Touch” (Detective Story Magazine, Feb. 3/17, 1920).

Amos Clackworthy is a Con Man, and was the longest-running of the pulp grifters. Clackworthy and his assistant and friend James Early (known as "The Early Bird") work from Clackworthy's apartment in the Lakeshore Apartments of Chicago, overlooking Lake Michigan. Clackworthy’s main concern is separating the "suckers" from their money, but when he can afford it he focuses his attention and expertise on lightening the wallets of the undeserved rich. Clackworthy dresses well and looks handsome and solid, but inside he is slick and sharp, and even though the Depression wiped out his funds, he still continues to rip off the suckers. In 1922 and in 1934 he crosses over with Thubway Tham in stories co-written by Johnston McCulley.

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