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Sanderson, Maxwell. Maxwell Sanderson was created by “John Jay Chichester,” the pseudonym of Christopher B. Booth (Jim Bliss, Amos Clackworthy, Gallopin’ Kid, Jimmy Price), and appeared in twenty-four stories and serials and five novels and story collections from 1925 to 1937, beginning with “All But His Hands” (Detective Story Magazine, January 17, 1925).

Maxwell Sanderson is a man-about-town. He is rich from an inheritance, is young and handsome, and is generally seen by society as a wastrel. But when Clark, a desperate thief, breaks into Sanderson’s apartment, he is caught by Sanderson and discovers that Sanderson is also a thief. Sanderson’s lifestyle emptied his coffers and drove him to crime. Flat broke and out of ideas, Sanderson was at a performance of La Bohème when he noticed the woman sitting in front of him was wearing a $250,000 necklace. When the lights came up, the necklace was gone. Sanderson sold the necklace in Paris and began studying crime techniques, especially safe mechanisms. He began drilling safes left and right, becoming known to the police as “the Driller.” Unfortunately, Sanderson spends so much of his money that despite his success he remains poor.

Sanderson takes Clark on as a partner, but in their first crime together a butler is killed, and Sanderson is forced to cover for Clark. They have a fairly successful career, despite being pursued by "Bulldog" Blodgett, a rather dogged detective who is hired to catch Sanderson by another jewel thief. Sanderson also takes on Magnus, a paralyzed genius and crime king, and foils his plans. At length Sanderson is caught and sent to jail, but he escapes.

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