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Fortune, Reginald. Reginald Fortune was created by H.C. Bailey (Raoul Bomfortune, Bran, Joshua Clunk, Dick) and appeared in fifty stories and twenty-four novels and story collections from 1920 to 1948, beginning with Call Mr. Fortune. Reginald Fortune is a "detecting doctor," one of those men who put their medical skills to use in the service of crime-fighting. In Fortune's case, his medical skills are at Scotland Yard's disposal. Fortune is the Special Adviser (and often Special Investigator) to Scotland Yard on medical matters, and gets involved in various cases of his own choosing. These usually include mutilated and badly used bodies, the result of involvement with gangsters, racketeers, profiteers, and other bad types. Fortune is a heavy man in his forties, red-cheeked and bright-eyed. He has the affected languid and boredom that was de rigeur for a certain class of men in the Twenties, but beneath the facade he is a crack investigator, able and willing to find the slightest weakness in a case or suspected criminal and exploit it. In many ways he is ruthless.

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