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Clunk, Joshua. Joshua Clunk was created by H.C. Bailey (Raoul Bomfortune, Bran, Dick, Reginald Fortune) and appeared in twelve novels from 1930 to 1950, beginning with Garstons.

Joshua Clunk is the most crooked and amoral lawyer in England. He is the lawyer that the worst criminals hire, knowing that he will do all he can to get them off, that he will usually succeed and that he will always give the judge the most difficult time possible. Clunk is widely loathed, not just by Scotland Yard (despite the help he has rendered to them on several occasions--help with ulterior motives, to be sure) but by other lawyers. Clunk's ineffective nemesis is Scotland Yard's Superintendent Bell, whose immortal quote is "I don't mind Clunk's always having five aces up his sleeve, but I do object to his telling me the Almighty put `em there." Clunk is short, plump, and dresses conservatively except for his stickpin, which has a large, gaudy ruby in it. Clunk and Reginald Fortune meet occasionally.

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