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Border Boys. The Border Boys were created by “Freemont B. Deering,” the pseudonym of John H. Goldfrap (Boy Aviators, Bungalow Boys, Dreadnought Boys, Motor Cycle Chums, Motor Rangers, Ocean Wireless Boys), and appeared in the six-volume “Border Boys” series, beginning with Border Boys on the Trail (1911) and ending with Border Boys Along the St. Lawrence (1914).

The Border Boys are: the sun-bronzed cowboy teenager Jack Merrill; the “angular, rangy, and sinewy” Coyote Pete; ranch boy Walt Phelps; Easterner and college boy Ralph Stetson; and the “bony” and “grotesque” amateur archaeologist Professor Wintergreen. They fight crime and evil, both on the Mexican border, helping the Texas Rangers, or along the Canadian border, helping the Canadian Mounties.

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