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Motor Rangers. The Motor Rangers were created by “Marvin West,” the pseudonym of John H. Goldfrap (Border Boys, Boy Aviators, Bungalow Boys, Dreadnought Boys, Motor Cycle Chums, Ocean Wireless Boys), and appeared in the six-book “Motor Rangers” series, beginning with The Motor Rangers' Lost Mine (1911) and concluding with The Motor Rangers Touring For the Trophy (1914).

Nat Trevor and his friends are the “Motor Rangers.” They use motorcycles, the Nomad motorboat, and the Discoverer, a motorized airship, to have adventures, win races, and fight crime. In one story they discover the city of a Lost Race on a fog-shielded island off the coast of Bolivia; the island has weird temples devoted to Sun and Moon worship and is filled with giant, ferocious, carnivorous birds and reptiles. After the Motor Boys explore and plunder and fight their way off the island, it sinks in an effusion of smoke and flame and noise.

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