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Zoë. Zoë was created by Max Pemberton (Jeremy Bell, Captain Black, Jack Ward) and appeared in the serial “Zoë” (Pearson’s Magazine (US), July-Dec. 1901).

Zoë is the beautiful cousin of Emperor Justinian I in Constantinople in the Sixth Century C.E. When the mood strikes Zoë, which is often, she wanders through the streets of Constantinople, Haroun al-Raschid-style, accompanied by the Captain of the Guard, and helps solve people’s problems for them. She is good-natured and kindly, and in addition to her wealth and power has a kind of compulsion over others that draws their secrets and dreams from them even when they do not wish to speak. She unites lovers, she gives the poorest man in the city the Emerald of Thebes, and she protects the young virgins of the city from the corrupt and corpulent ivory dealer Budzes.

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