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Black, Captain. Captain Black was created by Max Pemberton (Jeremy Bell, Jack Ward, Zoë) and appeared in The Iron Pirate (1893) and Captain Black (1911).

Captain Black is a submarine pirate modeled on Jules Verne’s Captain Nemo. Black was a wealthy British mine owner, but the death of his son turned him into a bitter misanthrope, and he decided to punish mankind. He used his wealth to build a “great, well-armed cruiser” armored with “phosphor bronze,” a super-tough metal. Black wars on all surface shipping and operates out of a hidden port in Greenland, where the survivors of his attacks are forced to work as his slaves. In the sequel Black returns with a submarine similar to Nemo’s Nautilus. Captain Black is a short man with a long beard who always wears black clothing and is never without a lit cigar. He is brusque and cruel and rules through fear.

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