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Uncle Abner. Uncle Abner was created by Melville Davisson Post (Colonel Braxton, Monsieur Jonquelle, Henry Marquis, Randolph Mason, Colonel Walker) stories, and appeared in eighteen stories from 1911 to 1918, beginning with “The Angel of the Lord” (Saturday Evening Post, June 3, 1911); the stories were collected in Uncle Abner: Master of Mysteries (1918).

Uncle Abner lives in a remote part of West Virginia around the year 1850. He has no official standing within his community, not being a trained or legally-appointed policeman, but he feels that it is his God-given duty to administer justice, especially to the wrongdoers who are so capable of eluding it, and Abner is quite willing to help Squire Randolph, the local Justice of the Peace, when asked to. Abner has great faith that God will not allow evil to triumph, but instead will hand His "mysterious justice" to the righteous. Abner is a fine detective, with an incisive and insightful knowledge of people. Abner is large, strong, stern and taciturn.

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