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Jonquelle, Monsieur. Monsieur Jonquelle was created by Melville Davisson Post (Colonel Braxton, Henry Marquis, Randolph Mason, Uncle Abner, Colonel Walker) and appeared in twelve stories from 1913 to 1921, beginning with “The Alien Corn” (Saturday Evening Post, May 31, 1913); the stories were collected in Monsieur Jonquelle, Prefect of Police (1923).

Monsieur Jonquelle is the French Prefect of Police who moves in elevated circles. He knows of ciphers composed under desperate circumstances to the President of the United States, he dines with the “head of the English department of police” in London and then beards an adulterous murderer in his den, he prevents a philanthropist from being blackmailed in Marseilles, and he solves the mystery of an invention which would improve upon gems.

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