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Tros of Samothrace. Tros was created by “Talbot Mundy,” the pseudonym of William Lancaster Gribbon (Billy Blain, Anton Edwards, JimGrim, Athelstan King, Kirk Montgomery, Cotswold Ommony, K.C. Smith), and appeared in eleven short stories and three novels and story collections from 1925 to 1935, beginning with “Tros of Samothrace” (Adventure (U.S.), Feb. 10, 1925).

Tros is a native of Samothrace during the time of Julius Caesar. Tros is the son of Prince Perseus and a mighty man at arms. He is a leader of men, a military captain, clever as a leader and driven by honor to do right by those who serve him. He is also a master seaman and is among the best sailors of his day. Tros fights his way around the Mediterranean, sending many Romans down to the briny deep--Caesar, a vain brute and liar, is the villain of most of the series. Tros also fights Northmen and Briton, eventually marrying one of the former and bringing both groups around to his side. He builds the Liafail, a massive ship of his own unique design, filled with special armaments such as Greek Fire.

Tros cons Caesar into making him his Admiral. Tros stops conspiracies in Spain. In Rome he helps pressure Caesar into abandoning an invasion of Spain, though not before having to fight in the Circus Maximus. Tros acquires the disfavor of Cleopatra and has to carry out tasks for her, squashing conspiracies and intrigues, some by her sister. He ends up marrying Arsinoe, Cleopatra’s treacherous sister–Tros’ first wife was killed while a prisoner–which earns Tros the wrath of Cleopatra (she burns Liafail, for one). Tros helps Marc Antony defeat Brutus and Cassius, and Antony makes Cleopatra relent.

Tros is huge, muscular, bearded, with amber eyes and black hair. He has a commanding manner to him--a "crushing obstinacy of his jaw and chin." He is primarily assisted by his lieutenant, Conops, a drinking, whoring, very capable one-eyed sailor.

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