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Smith, K.C. K.C. Smith was created by “Talbot Mundy,” the pseudonym of William Lancaster Gribbon (Billy Blain, Anton Edwards, JimGrim, Athelstan King, Kirk Montgomery, Cotswold Ommony, Tros of Samothrace), and appeared in the radio program Ghost Corps (1934-1935).

K.C. Smith is a member of the Ghost Corps, a group of freelance diplomats in the Near and Far East who sell their services to whichever colonial powers is interested in hiring them. Smith, an American, is stationed in Cairo and is a skilled Arabist, fluent in the local dialects and able to pass as an Arab when in local garb. With his Arab assistant Mohammed Ali Smith investigates rogue tribal leaders trying to foment jihad in Egypt and ill-intentioned Indians from Kathmandu.

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