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King, Athelstan. Athelstan King was created by “Talbot Mundy,” the pseudonym of William Lancaster Gribbon (Billy Blain, Anton Edwards, JimGrim, Kirk Montgomery, Cotswold Ommony, K.C. Smith, Tros of Samothrace), and appeared in King, of the Khyber Rifles (1916), The Nine Unknown (1924), and Caves of Terror (1932).

Athelstan King is a British army officer serving in India. He is the “seventh of his family in succession to serve in India” and has become nearly native, “a believer in Kismet crossed on to Opportunity.” He is cool, calm, collected, and capable. In his first appearance he is active in the wild Northwest Frontier, preventing a jihad. In the sequel, he aids JimGrim in fighting the Nine Unknown. And in the third novel he encounters a mahatma possessed of Superhuman occult powers.

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