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Teacher, Phyllis. Phyllis Teacher was created by Frank Shaw (The Duck, Nikolai Ignatiev, Launcester, League of the Watching Eye, Master Diver) and appeared in “Blackbeard’s Descendent” (The Corner Magazine, Nov. 1923-May 1924).

Phyllis Teacher is a pert, spunky, and high-spirited young Englishwoman trapped in a quiet, rural town which she finds unutterably tedious, not least because the only men who are interested in her are older, unwholesome men who want her for her inheritance. But she discovers the diary of her ancestor, Captain Teach, a.k.a. Blackbeard. The knowledge that she is descended from the famous buccaneer inspires Phyllis, and when she encounters an out-of-work sailor who claims to know where a large amount of buried doubloons are, she charters a ship and puts the sailor in command of it. Nautical and piratical adventure follows, and Phyllis proves herself more than capable of handling it all (as well as love, when it finds her). She is cool under fire, does not faint at pain, and carries a revolver which she knows how to use.

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