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Launcester. Launcester was created by Captain Frank Shaw (The Duck, Nikolai Ignatiev, League of the Watching Eye, Master Diver, Phyllis Teacher) and appeared in the story serial “North of 53o” (Weekly Tale-Teller, Dec 16 1911-Feb 17 1912).

Launcester is an upper-class Britishman who has the misfortune to be deeply in love with Beatrice Dexter. Unfortunately, Beatrice is close to the “poisonous rat” Carmine, who lies to Beatrice about Launcester seeing another woman, with the result that Beatrice marries Carmine. Carmine later taunts Launcester about this and drives him into a killing rage, and Launcester murders Carmine. Unwilling to subject Beatrice to the shame that a public trial would bring about, Launcester flees England and travels in secret around the world, ending up in the Klondike. Launcester undergoes the usual Alaskan adventures—villainous men, dangerous animals, bad weather—before discovering that he had not, in fact, killed Carmine (who died at another’s hands) and that Beatrice is now his.

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