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Targ. Targ was created by “J.H. Rosny (aîné),” the pseudonym of the French author Joseph Henri Honoré Böex (Carabao Men, Hareton Ironcastle), and appeared in “La Mort de la Terre” (Annales Littéraires et Politiques, May 29-July 17, 1910).

Hundreds of millennia in the future human civilization has disappeared, leaving packs of humans clustered around a few oases. Most of the earth is covered by desert, and animal life is gone. What is replacing organic life are metal beings which suck the iron from humans’ blood, killing the humans. Targ and his sister Arva are two of the last survivors. They are capable and strong-willed, and do their best to gather the remaining humans together, but their efforts fail at the last, and in the end a new form of metal being, capable of moving much more quickly than the previous race, wipes out everyone, including Targ.

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