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Ironcastle, Hareton. Hareton Ironcastle was created by “J.H. Rosny (aîné),” the pseudonym of the French author Joseph Henri Honoré Böex (Carabao Men, Targ), and appeared in L'Étonnant Voyage d'Hareton Ironcastle (1909).

Hareton Ironcastle is a great white hunter and adventurer, the type who has been around the world, twice, seen everything there is to see, hunted and killed everything that walks and crawls and swims and flies, and who is game for any new adventure, as long as it is challenging and relieves his boredom. Ironcastle and his daughter, son-in-law-to-be, and party of African bearers and guides go in search of a friend, Samuel Darnley, who has found a Lost World of strange animals of unknown provenance. Ironcastle et al. venture into Darkest Africa, kill a great many animals, Africans, and evil Stunted Men, and find a spaceship.

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