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Stinger Seave. Stinger Seave was created by Albert Richard Wetjen (Captain Barrett, Typhoon Bradley, Shark Gotch) and appeared in four stories in Action Stories from 1938 to 1941, beginning with “Davey Jones’ Loot” (Action Stories, Dec. 1938).

Stinger Seave is a treasure-hunting South Seas Adventurer who takes on the “Atoll of Death” and “the Devil’s Sink-Hole,” among others. Seave’s long career is divided into four segments: ten years spent as a freelance adventurer, fifteen years spent as the owner of a fleet of ships, plantations, trading posts and lagoons, six years as a roving adventurer following the hurricane-caused ruin of his wealth, and now, three years later, the for-hire Killer Vigilante enforcer of the law across the South Pacific. “His gunplay was legendary, his exploits were well known from the Pribiloffs to the Kermadecs, companion to Cassidy of Apia, Big Bill Gunter, and Black Len Carson." As a law enforcer he won’t take bribes and won’t make arrests–he just kills criminals. He lives with a curse: a wise woman once told him “I shall die fighting and a friend will kill me.”

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