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Gotch, Shark. Shark Gotch was created by Albert Richard Wetjen (Captain Barrett, Typhoon Bradley, Stinger Seave) and appeared in twenty-one stories and five novels and short story collections from 1927 to 1946, beginning with “Sharks” (Action Stories, Jan. 1927).

Shark Gotch is a South Seas Adventurer. He is a small, thin man, almost frail-looking, who is a gun for hire. To his advantage is his draw, which is quicker than anyone else’s. Gotch is active in the South Pacific, fighting against every kind of ill-intentioned character one might think of, from pearl rustlers to Chinese pirates. His arch-enemy is the vicious Larsen of Singapore, who ends up killing Gotch. (Gotch kills him posthumously, however, so they go to Hell together). Gotch meets Typhoon Bradley at least once.

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