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Bradley, Typhoon. Typhoon Bradley was created by Albert Richard Wetjen (Captain Barrett, Shark Gotch, Stinger Seave) and appeared in twenty-four stories in Action NovelsAction Stories and Wide World Adventures from 1928 to 1940, beginning with "Lost Lagoon" (Action Novels, Dec. 1928)

Typhoon Bradley is a South Seas Adventurer modeled on Hurricane Williams. Tall, hard, and fast with his gun, Bradley is an adventurer in the South Pacific; he is a gun for hire, helping to reign in the Wild West atmosphere of various South Seas islands. Bradley takes on and defeats pirates, pearl thieves, crazed “Chinamen,” and sharks. On a number of occasions Bradley clashes with “Gentleman Harry,” Bradley’s amoral and ruthless opposite. Bradley exists in the same universe as Shark Gotch, and they meet at least once, with secondary characters from each character’s stories appearing in the other’s stories.

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