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Spearing, Will. Will Spearing was created by William Murray Graydon (Carfax Baines, Sexton Blake, Derek Clyde, Fenlock Fawn, Gordon Fox, Abel Link, Matthew Quin) and appeared in seventy-three stories and story serials from 1905 to 1919, beginning with “Sexton Blake, P.C.” (Union Jack (new series) #105, Oct. 14, 1905); his stories were reprinted in the Netherlands in 1912 as De Avonturen van W. Spearing, Politie-Detectief.

Detective (later Inspector) Will Spearing is a Scotland Yard policeman of some ability but who is extremely reluctant to credit Sexton Blake with any contributions to crime fighting. Although very cranky, Spearing usually takes his defeats at Blake’s hands with good humor. In later stories Spearing retires from the police force and sets up his own detective agency. He fights Blake’s enemy, the crooked renegade Scotland Yard detective George Marsden Plummer, and the master criminal Alpha O’Mega.

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