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Quin, Matthew. Matthew Quin was created by William Murray Graydon (Carfax BainesSexton Blake, Derek Clyde, Fenlock Fawn, Gordon Fox, Abel LinkWill Spearing) and appeared in a number of stories in a number of different newspapers and story papers from 1898 to at least 1918, beginning with “The Black Panther From Hamburg” (The Argosy, Jan. 1898).

Matthew Quin is a "wild beast agent." He is hired by Karl Hamrach of London to roam the world, finding wild animals, capturing them, and bringing them back to "civilization," where they would be sold to menageries and circuses. Quin travels the world in search of game, from the Achinese Coast to Arizona to India to "Wildest Africa." He is middle-aged, lean and wiry, with a deeply tanned complexion and bright, beady eyes. Quin is friends with Sexton Blake, and when Quin is feared lost in Java, Blake goes looking for him and rescued him. Quin returns the favor by shooting and killing a tiger which was about to disembowel Blake. During World War One Quin is active on the front lines:

There was no demand for wild animals; nothing doing in my line. I realised that when I heard that Bill Kaiser was having elephant steaks and shoulders of lion from the Zoo at Berlin for his Sunday dinners, and was eating hyena chops through the week. So I cut out the jungle sport and went in for potting Germans. I raised a force of irregulars amongst my pals, the toughest riffraff I could find. Picked them up at Zanzibar and Durban, Calcutta and Madras, Singapore and Batavia, and so on. Licked them into shape, equipped them from my own purse, brought them to France, and offered them to the British commandant, who jumped at the chance, and got me a commission. Quin's own, they call my lot. Lord, man, you should see them! You'd think they were a bunch of desperadoes and gaol-birds. But fight? That isn't the word for it!

After the War ends Quin returns to globe-trotting and animal catching, with occasional conflicts with Arab slave traders. Quin is friends with Teddy Roosevelt, and the two have a few interesting adventures together in the depths of Africa's jungles.

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