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Shannon, John J. John J. Shannon was created by Cleve F. Adams (Canavan & Kleinschmidt, Engelhardt & Dewey, Rex McBrideSteve McCloud, Violet McDade, Bill Rye) and appeared in three stories in Double Detective and Detective Fiction Weekly and two novels from 1937 to 1950, beginning with “Pattern of Panic” (Double Detective, Nov. 1937).

John J. Shannon was a police lieutenant in Los Angeles until his friend and superior officer, Captain Grady, was murdered. When Shannon discovered that both the police department and the mayor’s office were corrupt and interested in framing Grady, Shannon quit in disgust and formed his own detective agency. Shannon is red-haired “shanty-Irish,” hot-tempered, angry, large, two-fisted, hard-drinking, violent and cynical, but lacking the wisecracks to be a Bellem–Shannon is too serious for that. He is assisted by the lovely model Frances McGowan, who is attracted to Shannon, but he refuses to consummate their relationship.

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