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Rymal, Balmy. Balmy Rymal was created by Arthur Stringer (James Durkin, Alan Holt, Witter Kerfoot, James Kestner, Rebstock Woodruff) and appeared in eight short stories in Hearst’s Magazine in 1917, beginning with “The Plant of the Blue Pear” (Hearst’s Magazine, Apr. 1917); the stories were collected in The Diamond Thieves (1923).

Balmy Rymal is the spunky, pert agent of the Jewelers’ Protective Alliance, a.k.a. the “Security Alliance.” Rymal is an expert on gems and is assigned to precious stone-related cases by Inspector Sloan, the cold, hard head of the Alliance. A typical case for Rymal involves her breaking up a gang of diamond smugglers by stealing the Blue Pear, a famous gem, and pretending to be a criminal. Rymal is clever, creative, and capable, which is why when she takes on a case she finishes it. But in the end she chooses marriage to Winkie, the chemist she has loved for a long time, over a successful career in law enforcement.

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