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Kerfoot, Witter. Witter Kerfoot was created by Arthur Stringer (James Durkin, Alan Holt, James Kestner, Balmy Rymal, Rebstock Woodruff) and appeared in several short stories which were collected in The Man Who Couldn’t Sleep (1919).

Witter Kerfoot is a successful young writer of adventure fiction, specifically Alaska frontier fiction, who makes the mistake of beginning to hobnob with New York Society and deciding that he wants to be one of them. He spends as much time in their company as he does writing, which leads to him renting an expensive house and hiring a chauffeur, which leads to a car accident, which leads to a burglar breaking into his house, which leads to Kerfoot trying to return something the burglar stole in the same manner that the burglar stole it, which leads to Kerfoot finding a dead man, and thence to adventures and mystery-solving.

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