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Quayle, Everard Peter. Everard Peter Quayle was created by Peter Cheyney (Lemmy Caution, Michael Kells, Alonzo MacTavish, Shaun O’Mara) and appeared in five novels from 1943 to 1950, beginning with Stars Are Dark.

Everard Peter Quayle is a counter-espionage expert working for the British government. He appears to be an ordinary businessman of roughly fifty years old, working from the offices of the International Export Trust Company, but that is only “a facade behind which he could carry out those rather peculiar activities which caused so much consternation to all sorts of people during the war years and...still continue to cause a certain amount of trouble to ladies and gentlemen who have decided inclinations to interfere with the peace of the world.” Quayle’s primary assistant is Michael Frewin, an apparent poseur and dilettante who is clever and lethal when necessary.

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