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Lobangu. Lobangu was created by Cecil Hayter (Sexton Blake, Derwent Duff, Bulldog Holdfast) and appeared in dozens of stories in Union Jack Library, Brave and Bold Weekly, and Cheer Boys Cheer from 1907 to 1935, beginning with "The Slave Market" (Union Jack Library #171, Jan. 19, 1907).

Lobangu is a mighty African warrior, modeled on H. Rider Haggard's Umslopogaas (see: Allan Quatermain). Lobangu is the chief of the Etbaia tribe of Zulus and first appears as the faithful native sidekick to Sir Richard "Spots" Losely, Her Majesty's Governor of the Province of Musardo, an Africa Hand who is responsible for maintaining the peace and British rule in Lobangu's section of Africa. (Losely had been Sexton Blake's fag at school and remained his close friend.). Later on Lobangu became the lead in various stories and is portrayed as a noble chieftain, adventurer, and hero in his own right. When Blake comes to Africa he usually is helped by Lobangu, although on at least one occasion (Union Jack Second Series #1354, Sept. 20, 1930) Lobangu goes to England. Lobangu also teamed up at least once with Gordon Keith (Brave and Bold Weekly #227, Apr. 27, 1907).

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