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Keith, Gordon. Gordon Keith was created by the pseudonymous “Lawrence White, Jr.” and appeared in thirty stories in Brave and Bold Weekly in 1906 and 1907 beginning with "That Boy Checkers; or, Chased Halfway Around the World" (Brave and Bold Weekly #159, Jan. 6, 1906).

Gordon Keith is a Great Detective modeled on Sexton Blake. Keith’s stories were Sexton Blake adventures rewritten with the permission of the Blake’s English publisher. Keith is a famous detective and adventurer with a flat on Baker Street. Keith is helped by Lord Daker and by Checkers, a Tinker-style boy assistant. Keith is a master of disguise, able to speak many languages with ease, and is a world-traveler, having previously spent several years in India and going to many foreign lands over the course of his series. He teams up with Lobangu on a number of occasions.

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