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Kingston, Frank. Frank Kingston was created by “R.W. Comrade,” the pseudonym of Edwy Searles Brooks (William Beeke, Sexton Blake, Norman Conquest, Ironsides Cromwell, Clive Derring, Carson Grey, Jimmy Harding, Dixon Hawke, Invisible SpeedmanMarko the Miracle Man, Falcon Swift, Umlosi, Waldo the Wonder Man), and appeared in twenty-six stories and story serials in The Gem from 1910 to 1912, beginning with “The Iron Island” (The Gem, Nov. 12, 1910).

Frank Kingston is a world-traveling English adventurer who fights against criminal conspiracies (the Brotherhood of Iron), spies (the Submarine Spy), and Yellow Perils. He is active in England and around Europe, on the ground, at sea and in the air. In the fight against the Brotherhood of Iron Kingston is assisted by Carson Grey.

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