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Hind Kesari. Hind Kesari was created by the Indian creators H.E. Khatib and J.B.H. Wadia (Savita Devi, Hansa, Lion Man (II), Parwiz, Thunderbolt (II), Vantolio) and appeared in the film Hind Kesari (1935).

Hind Kesari is a Costumed Avenger. Centuries ago, in a kingdom in India, King Mansingh is deposed through the schemes of the wicked vizier Zalim Singh. It is up to Mansingh’s daughter, Princess Hansa, to make sure that her lover, Randhit, stops being a lazy slacker and restores Mansingh to the throne. Hansa does this through persuading Randhit to put on a costume and become Hind Kesari, the “Lion of India,” a Robin Hood who helps royalty as well as the poor.

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