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Devi, Savita. Savita Devi was created by the Indian creator J.B.H. Wadia (Hansa, Hind Kesari, Lion Man (II), Parwiz, Thunderbolt (II), Vantolio) and appeared in the film Miss Frontier Mail (1936).

Savita Devi is an Indian big game hunter. In Lalwadi, on the western coast of India, the wicked masked criminal Signal X and his gang are robbing trains, committing murders, and even blowing up trains. Signal X is actually Savita’s uncle Shyamlal, who is being paid by an airplane company to wreck railway travel as a way to promote the company. Shyamlal has at his disposal a technologically advanced radio machine and a poisonous gas gun. When Savita discovers what her uncle is doing, she uses her guns and her athletic skills to put an end to his crimes.

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