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Grayle, Panther. Panther Grayle was created by “Jack Lancaster,” the pseudonym of A.M. Burrage (Captain Jack Bishop, Francis Chard, Clive Dorry, Derek Scarfe), and appeared in a number of stories in Empire Library, Champion and Champion Annual from 1910 to 1930?, beginning with Empire Library #1 (Feb 19, 1910).

Panther Grayle is a Scientific Detective modeled on Sexton Blake. Gordon Grayle is the "modern methods detective” and uses the most current technology to solve crimes, not excepting disguises. He is known as “Panther” because of his physical stealth and his careful, crafty methods of solving a case. Grayle has offices in Russell Square, London, and is assisted by the seventeen-year-old boy Dusty, the former leader of a gang of kid criminals. Among his enemies is the mysterious Lynx, the leader of the Universal Crime Syndicate.

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