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Chard, Francis. Francis Chard was created by A.M. Burrage (Captain Jack Bishop, Clive Dorry, Panther Grayle, Derek Scarfe) and appeared in ten stories in The Blue Magazine in 1927, beginning with “The Affair at Polbillo” (The Blue Magazine, Feb. 1927); the stories were collected in Some Ghost Stories (1927).

Francis Chard is an Occult Detective. Chard is an upper-class consulting detective and “psychic sleuth” whose adventures always verge on the fantastic. Chard is a skeptic, but he does not deny the evidence of his senses or his experiences. He has no superhuman powers or the use of magic to fight occult horrors, but he is smart and uses holy water against the ghosts he encounters. He is Watsoned by his friend Torrance, the narrator of the Chard stories.

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