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Death Angel. The Death Angel was created by Norvell Page (Dick Barrett, Bill Carter, Ken Carter, Dunne, Octopus (II), Feargod Peace, Scorpion (II), Spider (II), Jules Tremaine, Wan Tengri) and appeared in eleven stories in Crime Busters and Mystery Magazine from 1938 to 1941, beginning with “The Angel of Death” (Crime Busters, Jan. 1938).

The Death Angel is a Killer Vigilante. Angus Saint-Cloud, the “dapper bail-bond detective,” used to be a prizefighter, and in the ring his brute strength had earned him “the terrifying title of ‘the Death Angel.’” Now he is a debonair, well-dressed private detective, but when crossed or dealing with bad men or Yellow Perils Tong assassins, he turns lethal, using his guns and fists to kill. He is assisted by his chauffeur Sloppy.

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