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Wan Tengri. Wan Tengri was created by Norvell Page (Dick Barrett, Bill Carter, Ken Carter, Death Angel, Dunne, Octopus (II), Feargod Peace, Scorpion (II), Spider (II), Jules Tremaine) and appeared in “Flame Winds” (Unknown, June, 1939) and “Sons of the Bear God” (Unknown, Nov. 1939).

Wan Tengri is actually Prester John. But Wan is not the Central Asian emperor of medieval Christian myth. Wan is a huge, sword-wielding warrior modeled on Conan. Wan is a red-haired Scythian who wears a piece of the True Cross around his neck and wanders through Egypt, India, China, and various other Asian countries looking for gold and glory. One thing leads to another and Wan ends up fighting wizards, tigers, and lions in the walled city of Turgohl, and slave-masters in the city of Byoko, and so on. Wan Tengri is assisted by Bourtai, a wizard and Wan Tengri’s very reluctant sidekick.

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