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Catfitz, Archibald. Archibald Catfitz was created by C.S. Montanye (Canary Kid, Johnny Castle, Dave McClain, Captain Valentine, Jeff Vance) and appeared in seventeen stories in Top-Notch Magazine from 1918 to 1920, beginning with “That Finished Product” (Top-Notch Magazine, Sept. 1, 1918).

Archibald Catfitz is an Unlucky Inventor. He is brilliant, but in an impractical and scattershot way. He is capable of inventing things like the “Iceless Icebox,” the “Coalless Stove,” and the “Dishless Dish,” but there are flaws in every invention, and every one of his efforts comes to nothing. His dishless dishes are made from a clay batter that makes wonderful synthetic porcelain, but the resulting dishes are not waterproof. His mimeograph reproduces color paintings, but the colors run when the paintings are set vertically. And so on. Catfitz is accompanied by his friend, Major Hoople, and his long-suffering boarding house roommate, Bill, who has to listen to Catfitz’s schemes and be the subject of endless sponging by Catfitz. Catfitz eventually gives up inventing and takes to salesmanship.

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