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Vance, Jeff. Jeff Vance was created by C.S. Montanye (Canary Kid, Johnny Castle, Archibald Catfitz, Dave McClain, Captain Valentine) and appeared in three stories in Complete Stories in 1930, beginning with “Double Face” (Complete Stories, Nov. 1, 1930).

Jeff Vance is a crime-solving reporter for a sleepy country newspaper. Vance dreams of making it to New York City so he can work for the major newspapers, but for now he is stuck in the boondocks. Fortunately for Vance, he is a virtual twin for Clifford Channing, a notorious criminal, so Vance, a.k.a. “Double Face,” uses the resemblance to fight crime, especially the cruel crime lord known as the Tiger, and to make headlines. Vance is assisted by Red Irwin, a former prizefighter.

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