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Canary Kid. The Canary Kid was created by C.S. Montanye (Johnny Castle, Archibald Catfitz, Dave McClain, Captain Valentine, Jeff Vance) and appeared in twenty-nine stories in Complete Stories from 1931 to 1935, beginning with “Tight Spot” (Complete Stories, Sept. 15, 1931).

The Canary Kid is a rich, excessively well-dressed (“clothes to him were a fetish”) lounger in New York City. He used to be a second-story man, and a good one, but the law caught him and he went away for a year. When he emerged, he decided to go straight: “The year in the penitentiary in the company of those gray, silent men had taught the Kid many things. The game was not worth the gamble. The stakes were not sufficient. Always the law won.” Now he restricts himself to gambling and socializing with the scions of wealth. Unfortunately, criminals, gang bosses, and other lowlifes know of the Kid’s past and try to involve him in criminal ventures, forcing the Kid to exercise his not-inconsiderable wits to extricate himself and punish those who trouble him. The Kid is assisted by his chauffeur, the “small, furtive and dark-faced” Joe Traill.

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