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Bullitt, Dick. Dick Bullitt was created by Paul Ernst (The Avenger (II), Doctor Satan, Anthony Lance, Seekay, Perry Westbrook) and appeared in three stories in Detective Tales in 1936, beginning with “Shu Ling--Death Doctor” (Detective Tales, Sept 1936).

Dick Bullitt is a private detective whose arch-enemy is the Yellow Peril Shu Ling, a Chinese racketeer, “who, by adding Occidental deadliness to Oriental cunning, had gathered into his yellow hands the reins of organized murder, dope, prostitution and banditry.” Bullitt is effective against Shu Ling and his forces, but despite this Bullitt is intensely disliked by the brutish Detective-Sergeant Abbott of headquarters. Bullitt has narrow grey eyes, straight wide shoulders, and “on his lips was the thin smile of a fighter going into battle.”

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