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Seekay. Seekay was created by Paul Ernst (The Avenger (II), Dick Bullitt, Doctor Satan, Anthony Lance, Perry Westbrook) and appeared in “Madam Murder–and the Corpse Brigade” (Strange Detective Mysteries, Oct. 1937) and “Widow of the Talking Head” (Detective Tales, Nov 1938).

Seekay was the first Disabled Detective. The notable thing about Seekay is his what makes him disabled: he

had no face. Where a face should have been there was a blank curve of something pink and softly shining, like celluloid, extending from the hairline down to a point just under where a chin should be…through this half cylinder of plastic substance that shielded Seekay, stared black eyes that were like jet with little fires in them. Over the gruesome shield was thick, virile black hair shot with gray streaks. Under it was a tall, powerful body immaculately clad in gray spring flannels.

Seekay wears a mask to cover his face. Seekay is intelligent and observant, and has Sherlock Holmes’ knack for making accurate deductions based on only visual evidence. Seekay also has an acute sense of smell.

* I'm including the Seekay stories in the Best of the Encyclopedia list because they are historically important. The Seekay stories spawned the short-lived Disabled Detective craze for differently-abled and disabled detectives. There had been disabled detectives before Seekay, but the two stories by Paul Ernst--both entertainingly told--were striking enough to inspire a number of other authors to imitate the approach Ernst had taken, if not Seekay himself. 

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