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Westbrook, Perry. Perry Westbrook was created by Paul Ernst (The Avenger (II), Dick Bullitt, Doctor Satan, Anthony Lance, Seekay) and appeared in a number of stories in Detective Fiction Weekly in 1936, beginning with "My Business is Death!” (Detective Tales, Jan. 1936).

Perry Westbrook is a Killer Vigilante. Westbrook is a grey-eyed, grey-haired, doom-faced ex-detective who was framed for murder and is forced to give up his practice and then fake his own death in a railroad crash. The railway accident freezes the muscles of his face: one half of his face is frozen into a permanent smile, while the other half was permanently grim and frowning. Westbrook leaves his old life behind and makes two new identities for himself. The first is “Slick Dart Cabot,” a confidence man. As Cabot Westbrook investigates the underworld, learning their secrets without being suspected. The second identity is “The Wraith,” who kills and terrorizes criminals and who leaves the mark of the Glaring Eye on his victims. The Wraith carries a one-shot .22 tube strapped to his thigh and a "hiltless Sicilian dagger" up his sleeve.

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