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Allhoff, Inspector. Inspector Allhoff was created by D.L. Champion (Mariano Mercado, Mister Death (I), Phantom Detective, Rex Sackler) and appeared in thirty stories in Dime Detective Magazine from 1938 to 1946, beginning with “Footprints on a Brain” (Dime Detective, July 1938).

Inspector Allhoff is an Armchair Detective Disabled Detective. Allhoff was a New York City policeman until he lost his legs during a police raid. He retired from the N.Y.P.D. but continues unofficially working for the force, solving crimes without leaving his fleabag apartment just across the street from headquarters. Allhoff continually drinks coffee and has a very bitter and irascible attitude. His assistants are Simmonds, the series’ narrator, and Battersly, the young policeman who was responsible for Allhoff’s crippling. (Allhoff treats him badly). Allhoff is brilliant, if abrasive, and is capable of solving locked room mysteries with ease.

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