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Spink, Captain. Captain Spink was created by Morley Roberts (Shanghai Smith) and appeared in seven stories in The Strand and The Saturday Evening Post from 1905 to 1910, beginning with “The Overcrowded Iceberg” (The Strand, Feb. 1905); the stories were collected in The Adventures of Captain Spink and His Two Mates Ward and Day (1926).

Captain Harry Sharpness Spink, of Gloucester, commands the tramp steamer Swan of Avon. He’s genial and upbeat and a friendly tyrant to his crew. Spink and his crew find adventure around the Seven Seas, even helping stranded German warships out on occasion. Spink is “little and square and chunky,” and when crossed his eye gleams blood-red. He is assisted by Ward, a big, handsome, scarred man, and Bill Day, a hard-drinking barrel-shaped man, although Spink, Ward, and Day quarrel incessantly among themselves.

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