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Sparhawk, Wallace. Wallace Sparhawk was created by Arthur O. Friel (Job Briggs, Dugan (II), Lucio León, Roderick McKay, Pedro & Lourenço, Sixto Scott) and appeared in thirteen stories and story serials in a variety of pulps from 1931 to 1943, beginning with “The Fate of Anton Lebaron” (Adventure (U.S.), Nov. 15, 1931).

Wallace Sparhawk has an uncle who runs a profitable import/export business, and Sparhawk goes to Brazil to investigate business conditions there for his uncle. Once in Brazil he learns of an explorer who vanished in the jungles, and Sparhawk ventures deep into the Amazon to find the man. Various adventures among the natives follow. Sparhawk is young, energetic, and quite racist.

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